A Turnkey Outdoor Gas Fireplace Offers Beauty, Comfort and Convenience... Fast

An outdoor fireplace is a lovely focal point on the patio, whether flames are dancing or not.

It’s perfect for entertaining friends outdoors, when days are crisp and nights are chilly. It’s a warm family hub for after-dinner board games, karaoke contests and football watching. And, it’s a cozy solo spot to sip a pumpkin-spice latte or take a snooze.

Warm-fuzzies aside, an outdoor fireplace is also a smart and practical investment. It adds value by expanding opportunities to use your outdoor space before and after the prime summer season.

Let’s Talk Turnkey

A custom masonry fireplace with a soaring chimney and raised hearth can make a dramatic statement in an outdoor space. But if you’re looking for beauty, comfort and convenience, with a faster turnaround and more budget-friendly price, a gas fireplace might be a better way to go.

One to consider: A Cedar Creek Fireplace. The made-in-the-USA, outdoor gas fireplace sports a sophisticated, linear design, and is a turnkey solution that’s pretty much good-to-go out of the crate; it just needs to be framed and finished.

The fire box is made from corrosion-resistant, 304-stainless steel and comes with a drop-in, stainless steel, natural gas burner. Natural gas offers the utmost convenience, (no lugging tanks or running out of fuel!), but if preferred, the burner can be adapted with a propane conversion kit, sold separately.

Available in four sizes – 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch – each Cedar Creek Fireplace includes a 16-inch-high, tempered-glass windshield to view the tall, dramatic flames that emerge from a bed of fire glass.

As standard, the fireplaces come configured for viewing the fire on one side; ideal when installing against a house, wall or patio border. But it’s easy to convert any unit for double-sided viewing with an optional see-through fireplace kit that adds a second, tempered-glass panel at the rear.

A double-sided fireplace is like getting two fireplaces in one. It can be positioned between two different “rooms” within the outdoor space – such as between the lounge area and the dining area – so the fire can be enjoyed from both.

Other Benefits

A Cedar Creek Fireplace is vent-free and does not require a chimney or stovepipe venting. That means it can be installed virtually anywhere on the patio, including under a pergola, pavilion or other outdoor structure.

Its clean, contemporary lines blend with any outdoor esthetic, whether rustic, modern, traditional, or farmhouse-chic. Like a favorite denim jacket, the exterior of the fireplace can be dressed up or down by finishing it in any approved, fire-resistant material, such as stone, brick, tile, stucco, or corrugated-metal panels. Adding a coordinating mantel provides a great surface to decorate with outdoor accessories.

You can personalize the unit’s LED lights from a choice of 16 million colors, and change the selection on the control box, according to season or holiday. Even the fire-glass media can be customized from seven color options, some of which have reflective coatings to lend extra sparkle and light. 

Behind the scenes, the fireplace has important safety features, including a safety shut-off and auto-relight.

Optional Add-Ons

A gas fireplace is, by nature, super easy to use. There’s no need to stock and store firewood, clean up ashes, or wait until a fire is safely extinguished before heading to bed. And, generally, there are no restrictions prohibiting their use during burn bans.

But for even more convenience, an optional, battery-operated remote control turns the unit on and off with just the press of a button. The remote can also adjust the flame height, depending on whether you want added warmth or simply ambiance.

An optional stainless-steel weather panel, available for each unit size, keeps out debris and protects the fireplace from the elements when not in use. Two handles make it easy to position the panel in front of the window area, and remove it. If you have a double-sided fireplace, you’ll need two protective panels.

For more information on how a turnkey Cedar Creek Fireplace can add beauty, comfort and convenience to your outdoor space click here, or visit www.rcsgasgrills.com