A Power or Pro Burner Brings Extra Heat

A side burner is kind of like a grill’s wingman. While the grill handles the main course, the side burner is a supportive buddy, responsible for the go-withs. 

A typical side burner is usually rated at 12,000 BTUs, so it is great at frying onions for the steaks, sauteing peppers for fajitas, and simmering sauce for the ribs. It is handy to have one in an outdoor kitchen, because you don’t have to run back and forth to the indoor stove, taking your attention away from what’s on the grill.

Beyond those attributes, a side burner has limitations. Like Goose to Maverick, it has its place and knows its role.

A power burner, also called a pro burner, on the other hand, is no second-fiddle appliance. At 60,000 BTUs, it generates far greater heat than a standard side burner. This intense heat is capable of stir frying and other types of wok cooking; boiling a large pot of water for corn, lobsters or crabs; and even deep-frying fish, chicken and French fries.

A pro burner can add tremendous cooking versatility to your outdoor kitchen. It’s a must if you like to experiment with different techniques. Another perk: it keeps greasy splatters and funky smells outside, so there’s no mess to clean up indoors.

The RJCSB3A Premier Pro Burner is a top-flight burner from Renaissance Cooking Systems. The mighty but compact stainless-steel unit comes with a brass inner burner (24,000 BTUs) and a stainless steel outer burner (36,000 BTUs) to crank out a combined 60,000 BTUs of cooking power. The concentric-circle burners are independently operated for greater temperature control to suit whatever you’re making.

The RJCSB3A Premier Pro Burner is field-convertible for natural gas or propane fuel. It comes with a stainless-steel pot grate, wok ring and a fully removable cover to keep out dust and debris when not in use. A pull-out drip tray ensures easy clean-up, and the push-button ignition makes lighting a cinch. The 15-year warranty on all parts provides peace of mind that the unit will last in built-in outdoor kitchen installations.

The RJCSB3AL Premier Pro Burner with LED Lights contains all the features of the RJCSB3A Premier Pro Burner, plus a cool upgrade – blue LED lights on the control panel. It can be installed in tandem with the coordinating 32-inch RJC32AL Premier Built-in Grill with LED Lights, or the 40-inch RJC40AL Premier Built-in Grill with LED Lights, to add a futuristic blue glow to the outdoor kitchen.

While a side burner can be installed at the same height as a grill, it is recommended to install a pro burner about 12-inches lower than counter height. This not only makes it easier for cooking, it is a safer height for lifting heavy pots of hot oil or boiling water. Another consideration: if you plan to install the RJCSB3A Premier Pro Burner or RJCSB3AL Premier Pro Burner with LED Lights in outdoor cabinetry made of combustible materials, an insulating liner is required. 

So, if you have the “need for (cooking) speed” and intense heat in your outdoor kitchen, check out the RJCSB3A Premier Pro Burner and RJCSB3AL Premier Pro Burner with LED Lights from Renaissance Cooking Systems, here, or visit www.rcsgasgrills.com.