Some thoughts to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen

First, think about how you want to use your outdoor kitchen. Is it just for family use or will there be lots of entertaining? The primary use requirements will help decide what appliances you will need to incorporate. There are so many brands and sizes of gas grills, side burners, door/drawers, refrigeration products, etc.… to choose from. Remember, an outdoor kitchen is a project you only want to do once at this house, so do it right the first time so you do not have to do it over. Not all stainless steel is high quality. In some high humidity climates some grades of stainless steel will rust out in a short period of time, leaving you with a gaping hole in your new kitchen that will usually only accommodate the same grill again. So-you want to make sure the grill you choose is going to last and has a lifetime warranty from a reputable company that has been around a while, to back it up!