Safe-Steam Grill Cleaner
Safe-Steam Grill Cleaner

Safe-Steam Grill Cleaner


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Safe-Steam Grill Cleaner

The Safe-Steam Grill Cleaner features a high-capacity sponge wrapped in an Aramid knit layer designed to withstand heat up to 475-degree-F (246-degree-C). Deliver a blast of steam to dirty grill grates or griddle top and then use the integrated scraper to tackle stubborn burnt-on bits. When you are done, toss the removable head in the dishwasher for easy clean up. 

  • Part Number: CC1084
  • Cleans grill grates with the power of steam
  • Withstands extreme heat up to 475-degree-F
  • Removable cleaning head and grill scraper
  • Easy to clean without any dangerous metal bristles
  • The fabric cleaner head is dishwasher safe