Outdoor Kitchen Storage Solutions: Dry Pantry vs. Access Doors and Drawers

Open shelving may be the rage in indoor kitchens, but outdoors, if just doesn’t work. Between pollen, rain and insects, not to mention the dirt kicked up by the lawnmower, nature is not so neat. You’d pretty much have to wash anything stored out in the open, before using it.  


Closed storage is definitely the way to go in an outdoor kitchen. Door- and drawer-style storage systems, designed for building into an outdoor kitchen island, come in a wide array of sizes and configurations. You can choose from single- and double-door storage units, drawer banks with one, two or three drawers, combination door-and-drawer units, and even specialty storage like trash pull-outs and paper-towel holders.


These units are great for storing stuff like barbecue tools, grilling accessories, potholders, paper towels, and dish soap for your outdoor sink. They’re even awesome for keeping outdoor games, pool toys and towels out of the dusty fray.


But some things need more protection from the elements than typical outdoor storage can provide. That’s where a Dry Storage Pantry comes in.


Unlike standard access doors or drawers, a dry storage pantry (add link) is a completely sealed environment that keeps out dust, debris and moisture. It’s a better and more sanitary solution for storing non-perishable food products, as well as items such as plates and glasses that will come in contact with food. Think of it as a vault in your outdoor kitchen to safeguard against Mother Nature’s less-desirable attributes.


Some of the benefits of a dry pantry include:

  • Preventing chips, cookies and crackers from getting soggy in humid or rainy conditions.
  • Keeping dust and pollen from sticking to bottles of cooking oils, vinegars and sauces, creating a yucky mess.
  • Curtailing spices and dry rubs from caking up due to moisture.
  • Avoiding filmy residue and dirt on glassware, dishes, utensils, and serving pieces.


If you plan to store more than just grilling gear in your outdoor kitchen, a dry pantry like the VDP1 (add link) from Renaissance Cooking Systems can be a game-changer. The unit contains a heavy-duty gasket that forms a water-tight seal around the double doors. At 30 inches wide, it has a roomy interior with a full-width, height-adjustable shelf that offers great flexibility, whether you’re storing oversized platters or an assortment of small spice bottles, or both.


The VDP1 Dry Storage Pantry is constructed from durable materials, with 430 stainless-steel on the cabinet body and 304-stainless steel on the face, trim and doors. The doors are designed with recessed handles for a sleek look.


Attractive as well as practical, the VDP1 Dry Storage Pantry coordinates with grills, appliances and other outdoor kitchen storage options offered by Renaissance Cooking Systems to create a cohesive design in the outdoor kitchen.


For more information, check out the VDP1 here, or visit www.rcsgasgrills.com